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Types and Quality Levels for Silver

999 Silver

999 Silver, or fine Silver, is pure Silver or more accurately 99.9% Silver. It is a very soft Silver metal used generally in wire jewelry and stone wrapping.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver, or 925 Silver is the standard used in the jewelry industry. Since pure Silver is too soft for standard jewelry work, Copper is added to the Silver alloy to generate the required mechanical strength. Sterling Silver alloy contains 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper.

Silver Jewelry Stamping

By law, jewelry items have to be marked with a metal purity hallmark and a trademark of the manufacturer. Usually, the hallmark is found on the back side of the jewelry or near the clasps. Often, the mark is very small and requires the use of a magnifying glass in order to see it.

Standard Metal Purity Hallmarks (Silver)

999 Pure Silver 999

925 Sterling Silver 925


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